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Make a Carefree Curves Sailing Quilt

Nautical-themed nursery No problem. Lake or beach house wall hanging No problem. Here’s an easy quilting tutorial that details how to sew a water-loving quilt project in just a few hours. Designed by Nancy Zieman’s friend Carol Porter, Education Director for Clover Needlecraft, Inc. The quilt is called Carefree Curves Sailing Quilt—the design made Nancy smile! The quilting ... Continue Reading...

Fearless Quilting Finishes – Part One

Nancy Zieman was often asked, “How do you determine topics for your TV show, Sewing With Nancy” Good question! There are many answers to that question—what she wanted you to learn, what she thought you’d like to know, what’s trendy in sewing, quilting, or embroidering . . . and the basics, there are always newcomers or ... Continue Reading...

Learn to Sew a Knit Wardrobe from Start to Finish

While Nancy Zieman liked trying new sewing and quilting techniques, there’s something she found irresistible about sewing the basics. Going back to her sewing roots, these next two episodes are all about sewing knits. You’ll get a chance to sew, then mix and match four classic wardrobe pieces in her two-part series, Sew a Knit ... Continue Reading...

May 2019 Block of the Month: May Basket Block

2019 Block of the Month—May: “May Basket” Quilt Block In January, Team Nancy Zieman introduced the first of 12 blocks in the New! Summer Picnic 2019 FREE! Block of the Month Series. Find the January through April Quilt Block Tutorials under Popular Blog Posts: 2019 Block of the Month. Join the New! Summer Picnic 2019 ... Continue Reading...

More Stress Free Quilting Using Your Embroidery Machine

Sometimes the quilting step is the most perplexing and stressful. Your goal is for a stress-free process, but where to begin Denise Abel, Nancy Zieman’s guest on Sewing With Nancy, has a solution—use an embroidery machine and turn it into a quilting machine. Denise joins Nancy for the second part of this series, Stress-Free Quilting with Machine ... Continue Reading...

Patchwork Patterns Inspired by Antique Quilts – Part Two

On this week’s episode of Sewing With Nancy, we continue a look back in time to admire the work of quiltmaking pioneers who certainly didn’t have the conveniences that we have today. Yet, their skills were amazing and serve as an inspiration to us. Julie Hendricksen, author and quilt collector, is back to show us ... Continue Reading...

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